Cerise Duval Defends Her Actions

Please Welcome Madame Cerise Duval, arch nemesis of Dutch Trahern from One Moment’s Pleasure.Cover Art for One Moment's Pleasure

Madame Allyn claims I am a villainous. While my actions do appear to be evil, I have my reasons. Some of you might say that my actions are indefensible. I peddle flesh for a living; I’ve killed, whored, lied, cheated, abused children, bought and sold lives. If there is a sin in the world I’ve probably committed it. So why should I bother trying to defend myself to anyone. Because I’m a mother. My daughter doesn’t know about all the crimes I’ve committed, the people I’ve victimized, and I intend to keep it that way.

I want you to understand that I was born a slave in New Orleans, bred specifically by my owner to be a whore—a plaything for rich white men. I was educated by tutors and could hold my own in conversation with any man. Hell, I could think circles around most of them. It didn’t take me long to become bitter about my lot in life. After that I plotted my escape to San Francisco. The gold rush was on and the California territory was a ‘free’ territory. Once I got there, I realized that the greatest profit would be made by those who sold goods and services to the fools searching for gold. I had only one asset and one skill, so I used my body to get the money to be able to set up a high class bordello which gained me even more money. I admit that I sank to the depths of depravity in every way except as a mother. It broke my heart to send my baby daughter, Independence away to live with my mother. As soon as possible after the war of rebellion, I sent Independence to an exclusive school in New Jersey and provided excellent guardians for her in my will. She will never know who her mother is, but she will also never know slavery or poverty. She is my reason for every action I take, and I offer a mother’s love in defense of those actions.

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4 thoughts on “Cerise Duval Defends Her Actions

    • Thanks Shay. Cerise is based on a real person. There really was a Mulatto woman who ran a high-priced bordello in San Francisco during the gold rush years. I don’t think she was from New Orleans. But I write fiction, so i’m to trying to re-create.

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