So Nice Sunday~~Overheard at a Game Con or Getting Lucky in Tampico

UCON 2012, Game Con, Game, Convention, Conference, Overheard, Odd Comments, Romance, Novel, Author, Writer, Erotica, Rue Allyn   What was so nice about this Sunday?  I got to spend some of it at a local game con.  Some of you know that in addition to writing romances, I’m a bit of a gamer.  I enjoy the structure of games and the friendship.  Even strangers are ‘friends’ at a game con because (while you may be opponents in the game) the game itself and the discussions over the game bring you together.  Those discussions lead to some very interesting comments, especially when taken out of context.  Things like, my ‘bandersnatch trumps your snicker snee’ are commonplace at game cons.  However, odd names for gaming pieces or circumstances don’t always make sense in any other context.  My favorite comment exchanges are those that could possibly occur elsewhere and still make sense, although a sense very different from that originally intended.  One of the best ever was overheard this weekend at the most recent Con that I attended (see their terrific brochure cover at right).  One player said to another, “I’m going to have to get lucky in Tampico in order to win.”  The response, “I hear it’s easy to get lucky in Tampico.”  Oddly enough the first speaker got lucky enough in ‘Tampico’ to win that game.  Out of context, this is one of the most inspiring exchanges I’ve heard in a long time.  Readers often ask authors “Where do you get your ideas?”  My answer is “Everywhere, even a Game Con.”  Do you have an interesting out of context quote that you’d like to share?  Or maybe you’d like to tell me what you think about getting ‘lucky in Tampico.’  Please leave a comment; I’d love to read them.