Watch out! I’ve been decorating this Wednesday

This is the first time since my kids grew up that I’ve lived in an area where decorating for Halloween was the ‘in thing.’  Since I lack experience in this skill set, I asked one of my neighbors kids for help.  Here are the creepy and somewhat horrific results.  Please let me know what you think or tell me how you celebrate the season.

Before the spider invasion

I’d begun to decorate for fall before the spiders invaded my porch. Now I don’t dare go out there.

The biggest, baddest spider and its offspring

The biggest, baddest spider and its offspring are spinning webs all over my porch. What’s next? My house?

Who will win? Yucky green spider or evil-eyed black cat?
My cats chase spiders all the time. They think eight legs is a snack. But I have to wonder if the kitty in this picture hasn’t met its match.
Eek! Spiders are taking hostages

The Scarecrow’s daughter is being held hostage by spiders who are taking over my porch.