So Nice Sunday~~Overheard at a Game Con or Getting Lucky in Tampico

UCON 2012, Game Con, Game, Convention, Conference, Overheard, Odd Comments, Romance, Novel, Author, Writer, Erotica, Rue Allyn   What was so nice about this Sunday?  I got to spend some of it at a local game con.  Some of you know that in addition to writing romances, I’m a bit of a gamer.  I enjoy the structure of games and the friendship.  Even strangers are ‘friends’ at a game con because (while you may be opponents in the game) the game itself and the discussions over the game bring you together.  Those discussions lead to some very interesting comments, especially when taken out of context.  Things like, my ‘bandersnatch trumps your snicker snee’ are commonplace at game cons.  However, odd names for gaming pieces or circumstances don’t always make sense in any other context.  My favorite comment exchanges are those that could possibly occur elsewhere and still make sense, although a sense very different from that originally intended.  One of the best ever was overheard this weekend at the most recent Con that I attended (see their terrific brochure cover at right).  One player said to another, “I’m going to have to get lucky in Tampico in order to win.”  The response, “I hear it’s easy to get lucky in Tampico.”  Oddly enough the first speaker got lucky enough in ‘Tampico’ to win that game.  Out of context, this is one of the most inspiring exchanges I’ve heard in a long time.  Readers often ask authors “Where do you get your ideas?”  My answer is “Everywhere, even a Game Con.”  Do you have an interesting out of context quote that you’d like to share?  Or maybe you’d like to tell me what you think about getting ‘lucky in Tampico.’  Please leave a comment; I’d love to read them.

Please welcome Kristi Knight to Friendship Friday

My friend Kristi Knight is the author of scintillating romances.  I love her books, so I’m thrilled to have her on the blog this week.  I’ve asked Kristi to tell us a little bit about herself and her latest release.  After that, she’ll run the weird question gauntlet, so make sure you scroll down.  Who knows, if you meet Kristi, you may be the only one who knows her toothbrush secret.  Now, here’s Kristi.

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Author, Kristi Knight

Hi, everyone! I’m Kristina. I’m a Midwestern girl, married to The Best Husband Evah for the past 13 years; we have a daughter (she’s 4 and is the Queen Bee most days). I write contemporary romances about finding acceptance and home – because I think we all deserve those things.  If you want to know more about me and my books please visit me on facebook, or read this short bio.  Once upon a time, Kristina Knight spent her days running from car crash to fire to meetings with local police – no, she wasn’t a trouble-maker she was a journalist. When the opportunity to write what she wanted – business and family/parenting articles – and to focus more energy on the stories in her head, she jumped at it. And she’s never looked back. Now she writes articles for magazines and such by day and writes romance novels with spice by night and during any toddler-free, five minute break she has. She lives on Lake Erie with her husband and 4 year old daughter. Happily ever after.Saint, Devilish, Deal, Mexico, Romance, Novel, Book, Writer, Friend, Kristie Knight, Rue Allyn

My latest release The Saint’s Devilish Dealis a contemporary, reunion romance set in Puerto Vallarta – one of my favorite places in the world. Saint and Esme have a past they need to deal with to begin building the present they both want. And there’s sex.

Esmerelda Quinn has been looking for a place to belong since her parents were killed in a car crash when she was young. The closest thing to home has always been Aunt Constance’s villa in Puerto Vallarta, so after a string of dead-end hotellier jobs, she’s coming home to run the villa.

Santiago Cruz has called the villa home for as long as he can remember. In between surfing events, Constance has always had a room for him. Color him surprised when Constance decides to retire – and leaves a joint interest in the villa to both Santiago and Esme.

Esme isn’t thrilled to share ownership of the villa with the the youngest Cruz brother – especially when she learns Santiago’s brother has been after the villa for years. But Santiago has grown up while she’s been away at school and soon she finds herself falling for the rich boy down the hall.

This book is too yummy for words.  If you want a copy click here: Amazon, iTunes, or Barnes & Noble.

Kristi’s Answers to Some Weird Questions

1. What’s the color of your toothbrush? – It’s purple with automatic pulsating action. My teeth love it…but it’s almost time for a new one. Who knows what the next color will be.

2. Are you left or right eyed? – Left. Which is weird because I’m right-handed.

3. What cd is in your cd-player right now? – I just searched my house. We’re officially CD-Player-Less. I did find about 12 boxes of CDs in my husband’s closet, though. If it counts, my iPod is playing Lady Antebellum.

4. What does a light year mean? – a year in which my pants size goes down. J

5. What’s the meaning of life? – Good friends, good food, good books, good experiences.