The Adventures of Princess Traveler, Nicaragua: The Adventure Begins:

My dream man came to me last night. Enfolding me in warmth and masculine strength, he laid his lips against my neck just below my ear and whispered, “Let’s escape to Nicaragua.”


“I don’t smoke,” I replied sleepily [I’m dreaming remember, ‘dream man’.]

I felt him smile as he nibbled the tender flesh of my earlobe, his breath gently caressing my cheek. Delightful shivers cascaded along my nerves.

“Silly Princess. Not nicotine, Nicaragua. Nicotine is an addictive substance found in tobacco. Nicaragua is a country in Central America.” He kissed his way from my ear to my shoulder.


“Mmmmm.” I stretched and rolled onto my back, bringing my front very pleasantly into full contact with his front. “Make love to me,” I purred. “Then you can tell me all about it while I’m in a most excellent state of mind.”

Quite some time later, after I regained my breath and my senses, I murmured. “Where is it you want us to go and why?”

“I want our next destination to be Nicaragua, my sweet.”

“Hmmm.” I still drifted on a cloud of physical satisfaction. “Why?”

“For the adventure of course.”

“Of course.” My cloud floated close to the ground and dissipated in a mist of practicality. I opened my eyes and gazed at my beloved. [Yes my dream man is real, but he still comes to me in my dreams—and a lot of other times too.] With a name like Traveler, I’m always ready for adventure, but even I won’t select a destination out of thin air [or in this case, vivid dreaming].”

“Oh,” he tossed out as if he hadn’t planned to seduce me into agreeing with him all along. “If you must have a reason, how about the fact that we both hate Michigan winters.SNOWcar We’ve been talking for a long time about moving. I’ve done a little research, and Nicaragua is one of the countries that appeals to me for its climate, culture and impact on our economic situation.”

Aerial ViewNICARAGUA[Sigh! I may be Princess Traveler, but that doesn’t mean I’m rich, certainly not as rich as I’d like to be, which is wealthy beyond my dreams.] “All excellent reasons.” [I want my dream man to know I support him.] However, I have concerns about bugs, language barriers, cuisine and accommodations. I need to be certain that what Nicaragua has to offer as a home base will suit my royal wishes. “Give me a few days to do some research of my own, then we’ll talk.”

“I knew you’d agree.” Dream man kissed my nose then proceeded to kiss a few other places and take advantage of the fact that we were still in bed with no commitments that day to anyone other than ourselves. What ensued turned out to be several interesting committed acts, but those have nothing to do with this particular adventure.

I’ll give an update in a couple of days when we know for certain that we’ll embark on a journey to Nicaragua. I’ll also let you know what I learned. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a question about my proposed destination, or would simply like to share your thoughts, please leave a comment.