Susa O’Neal (7 Years Old) Tries not to Discuss her Parents

Hi. I’m Susa (aka Susannah O’Neal). I’m seven years old and I live in Phoenix Arizona. I’ve never been on a blog before, but it sounds neat, and Mom gave me permission, so here I am. I’m supposed to tell you about my parents and the book that Mrs. Allyn wrote about them. But I think that’s kinda old—if you know what I mean. I mean who wants to talk about some fusty old book about my parents. Although my mom is great and my dad is the coolest. When I grow up I’m gonna marry a man just like him. He really understands—He gave me this really cool doll (see the picture!). But I’m still a little bit mad at him. He didn’t live with us until now and he almost left us. Mommy was gonna let him leave, but I convinced him, and he’s staying ‘cuz he loves me and Mommy a whole lot.

Did I do all right, Mrs. Allyn? I didn’t talk about the book very much, but I did talk about Mom and Dad.You did Just fine, sweetie. Thanks for visiting with us.

Great. I’m gonna go see if Nancy can play ‘kay. Bye.

Kids. (Sigh.) Leave a comment and share your ‘weird’ kid story. Deal of a Lifetime is available exclusively from Kindle Direct Publishing Select and from July 9 through 13 will be free. Since Susa chose not to talk about my old book, here’s a blurb followed by a link to an excerpt. Enjoy.

Cover Art for Deal of a LifetimeBLURB: A chance encounter at a business conference gives distribution mogul Connor O’Neal the opportunity to win back the only woman he’s ever loved—brilliant, beautiful Tamsin Donal. He pursues Tamsin like he does everything he wants, with a single-minded determination that allows for neither failure nor distractions. His passionate efforts to regain her love nearly convince Tamsin, but she has a secret that may keep them apart forever. Negotiating a true and lasting love won’t be easy for Connor and Tamsin. Each will have to sacrifice before they can close the Deal of a Lifetime.



ABOUT RUE: Author of historical, contemporary, and erotic romances, Rue Allyn fell in love with happily ever after the day she heard her first story. She is deliriously married to her sweetheart of many years and loves to hear from readers about their favorite books and real life adventures. Learn more about Rue and her books at


Who’s Your Wildfire Love ~ TRS Release Party

Cover art for One Moment's Pleasure ~ Wildfire Love # 1 Cover Art for The Widow's Revenge Off Limits, cover art Cover Art for Hazard Duty, Sexy Sailors # 2

The first of three posts at is live. I want readers to choose which Wildfire Love they like best. Check it out and spread the word please. I’m celebrating all of my hunky heroes in three different posts throughout the day, so please keep checking back at Comments at the release party are sincerely appreciated.