Celebrate the release of Shay Lacy’s ~ Sacrificed to Ecstasy

Cover Artfor Sacrificed to EcstasySacrificed to Ecstasy

Virgin sacrifice. Those words make you envision a woman chained and screaming, a horrible monster, a painful death. But what if that sacrifice was to the sexiest man alive, a virile god of fertility, one who made your body throb with want? What if that man looked like the man on the cover?Author Shay Lacy

Would it really be a sacrifice with him? My heroine, Rayan, will learn that what she gives up to Vashon is nothing compared to the pleasure she reaps in return.

Multi-published author Shay Lacy lives in northwest Ohio with her photographer/graphic designer husband. She loves following the man of her dreams with a camera in hand and a pen and notebook in her backpack. Sensible secretary by day, romance author by night, when not lost in her imagination, or reading a good book, she is likely researching her next book with a SWAT team ride-along or a visit to a DNA lab. Find out more about Sacrificed to Ecstasy and Shay Lacy at  http://www.shaylacy.com/blog and http://www.ellorascave.com/sacrificed-to-ecstasy.html.